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New Slim Profile Liniar Bi-Folding Doors

Check out our new bi-folding doors that are available to buy online!

Our Liniar bi-folding doors will transofrm, modernise and add real value to your home. They will instantly make your home lighter and brighter.

These UPVC bi-folding doors are some of the most attractive, simple to use, energy efficent and secure on the market. Unlike most UPVC Bi-folding doors on the market today, these doors use a slim frame, giving you more glass, less UPVC and more natural light.

Bi-Folding doors are fast becomming a must-have product for discerning homeowners, whether to replace excisting patio or French doors or to install in a new home extension. The ability to provide clear unobstructed openings of up to 90% has led to their increasing popularity.

Our Bi-Folding doors are crammed full of innovative design features. They are environmentally friendly, being completely lead free. The doors are increadibly easy and smooth to operate and they need no maintenance. They utilise a shootbolt locking mechanism to ensure that the doors are bolted firmly into the stainless steel track, maximising your security.

The doors are available in white, Light Oak and Mahogany so there is sure to be something to suit your home.

For a closer look at our doors, click on the bi-folding door section of our website, where you will find a video showing you just how the doors are made and how easy they are to use.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team by phone or email if you have any further questions on our new bi-folding doors.

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