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Upgrade to UPVC Sash Windows for Energy - Efficient Home | UK Trade Windows Online

UPVC sliding and tilting sash windows impart UK homes from the rest of the world. If you want UPVC sash windows in London, you and UK Trade Windows and Doors are perfect matches. We build UPVC sliding sash windows in the UK. You can get customized windows according to your need with a colour that will blend perfectly with your home’s interior and exterior.

Below you will find a white vertical window type with the option configure. Enter the dimension (width and height), and you will receive a handful of options for customization that you can select according to your preferences and budget. You will see the live pricing as you add customization.

White Vertical

From £315



1. What is a sash window?
Ans. A sash window is a window with many movable panels known as sashes. These constitute the frame that holds the glass panes together, divided by astragal bars.

2. How to paint sash windows?
Ans. Pull the top half of the sash window down and paint the top first. Then the lower half. To get the best finish, apply at least two coats. Allow drying for as long as possible without closing the window. Avoid moving the frames up and down, keep the windows in the closed position, and once the paint dries, you can use it regularly.

3. How to clean sash windows?
Ans. Take a vacuum or brush and remove the built-up dirt; use a micro-fibre cloth and suitable glass cleaner liquid for glass cleaning. Pull the sash down entirely and clean the inside and outside surface of the top part using a sponge and soapy water. Remove the remaining dirt from the frames with a moist, soapy cloth, making sure to dry them afterwards to remove any extra water.

4. How do sash windows work?
Ans. Two movable parts, commonly known as sashes, make up a standard sash window. A pulley and weight mechanism inside the window frame allows them to move up and down. A weight inside the window frame counterbalances the weight of a sash when it opens.

5. Are sash windows safe?
Ans. Sash windows are highly secure, providing at least as much security as most other windows.

All windows are produced from 100% Calcium Organic material.

  • Manufactured from the Duraflex system
  • Internally Glazed, multi-chambered
  • High performance Q-Lon weatherseal
  • Galvanised steel reinforcement
  • 28mm Low-line glazing bead
  • 70mm featured and beveled
  • Espagnolette locking system (standard)
  • Focus stainless steel friction hinges
  • White Locking handles

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Energy Standards

Our procducts all meet a C rated energy efficiency standard. Our products can also support A and B rating at an extra cost.

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