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New Ready to Buy Page Just Launched!

We’re delighted to expand upon our new website even further with an all new “Ready to Buy” page. Perfect for the trade, new builds, extensions, loft conversions, outhouses, sheds, caravans and more.

Our windows are made with the 70mm Duraflex uPVC profile and all Ready to Buy windows will be supplied with white key locking handles and ‘C’ rated clear double glazed units. ‘A’ rated and obscure glass can be supplied upon request at a further charge.

Our Ready to Buy windows have been ordered incorrectly or have never been collected. They’re all of the same quality as our bespoke windows.

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FREE Delivery

If your delivery is within the M25 and over £700, we will deliver your order for FREE.


Energy Standards

Our procducts all meet a C rated energy efficiency standard. Our products can also support A and B rating at an extra cost.

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