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Knock Knock . . . It’s no joke. That really is how much our doors cost!

With summer around the corner, what better time is there to rejuvenate your house by installing one our composite doors. We have over thirty doors styles, thirteen colour options, twenty glass configurations and nine frame colour choices for you to pick from! Whether you are after a traditional or more contemporary door, you can bet we’ll have something to suit your taste.

What is it?

The composite door is the breakthrough in door innovation; the new and conquering trend in renovation. Made with a combination of different materials, your front door will not only be inviting, but extremely efficient. Combining the traditional wooden texture with the improved PVC resistance, composite doors are matchless leaders of an ideal door.

What is it made of?

Fixed with a sturdy PVC sub frame and 2mm PVC edge banding, the composite door adopts the stability and durability of a PVC door. With an ash grain effect embossing on the hinge side and a smooth aluminium edge band on the lock side matching the door leaf. The outer framing is built from energy efficient recycled reinforcement PVC specifically designed to comply with 44mm door leaves. Inside, the thermal efficiency is promised by the Hardwood inner frame and insulated polyurethane foam core. The most important aspect of composite doors, what makes them so resistant to weathering, is the GRP (glass reinforced plastic) casing. Armoured with GRP, maintenance issues such as cracking and paint flaking, are guaranteed to be cut down to just a wipe of a cloth.

What does it look like?

Being made of multiple materials and protection strategies, you would expect a heavy, bulky, unglazed door with a 2 tonne push requirement. Whilst being so complex and highly developed, you could have a sturdy, regular weight door whilst keeping the traditional, classic wood appearance. Just like another other, you could have any of the 4 glazing positions in many different options with a colour matching re-glazing cassette as well as a matching transom bar for your top box window. Choose from a wide range of hardware brands, colours and letter plates to complement your current furniture to make it feel more like home.

Why is it better than a regular door?

Comparing the pros and cons of the two most abundantly displayed doors has lead to the successful ingenuity of the composite door. Creating the perfect concoction between wood and PVC, not only is it attractive but also efficient.
The original itself; the wooden door, traditionally attractive, meticulously detailed and light body is the earliest and most modified model used throughout the years. However, its tendency to bow and warp combined with its low resistance to weathering made room for improvements both structurally and efficiently. Using these flaws as inspiration, the PVC door was a great substitution. Still popular, the PVC model reduced maintenance issues and improved weathering resistance, losing its traditional, detailed appeal on the way. Henceforth, the exceptionally well designed composite door was fashioned, forming a perfect balance between efficiency and structural character.

Are they safe?

Don’t just take our word for it! All of our inward opening composite doors have been tested to BS6375 and PAS024 series of standards as well as a BSI Kitemark when upgrading your hinges. Tough against harsh slams and swings, and defiant against tested force entry attempts, air pressure tests and watertight conditions, your home is well guarded. The locking mechanism, also available in nickel or brass, have all been certified by the Secured by Design Standards and conforms to the PAS024 and tested to BS EN 1303 – even more reason to believe that the features of a composite door are second-to-none.
Overall, the features of a composite door are second to none, leaving you with a long-lasting guarantee of a well insulated, safe and attractive door that will make the perfect entrance to your home.

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