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Trade Windows Online - Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Windows

Character, Efficiency and a contemporary facade; Sliding Sash Windows are CLEAR winners! An antique in its sector and its undeniable allure, the modern day Romeo and Juliet balcony scene would probably be replaced with a Sliding Sash Window. There isn’t a more picturesque way to frame your view: with a wide range of colour options and accessories to suit your style with outside frame foils ranging from green, grey and golden oak to cream, black, Irish oak and mahogany.

With its window-wedging nuisance and its paint-preserving hassle, the Sash window has been nothing more than a pretty face. Luckily, for the sake of character and style, we’ve swapped the wood for a sleek and elegant uPVC; uniting charm with efficiency. The modernised Sliding slash window doesn’t just go up and down with an odd tremble if the weather is bad; this is the 21st Century! The sashes can now be pulled for easy cleaning and slanted for maximum air ventilation. The solid material means that the Sashes will be as stable and draft defying as your regular uPVC window.


Inspired, and somewhat disturbed by the cartoon disasters of an early shutting sash on enlarged fingertips, the features of a sash window ensure each pane is safe and secure. uPVC, unlike wood, is harder to deform and therefore promise stability throughout the entire frame.
Travel Restrictors (shark-fin shaped devices) guarantee that building regulations of opening the sash to 100mm or less are met to ensure the safety of those throughout your home. Sash stops (also known as frame or limit stops) secure different heights for the sash to open; so you could choose from a cool breeze or a full air ventilation now that summer is here.

Accessorised with standard fitted tilt knobs in a selection of colours, inclining the sashes not only allows extra air flow, but makes cleaning your windows a whole lot easier. As you know, the evolution of the sash window is all about safety, which is why tilt restrictors are mandatory on all our windows to fasten the panes into place.

Pole eyes and sash lifts are fitted as standard on our sliding sash windows to make it easier to open, close and lift your windows. If you really would like to go for the simple, traditional look on your windows, we do supply D-handles as alternatives to sash lifts for that extra hint of character. And to make sure you do it in style, we supply them in white, chrome and gold.

Set the bar with our selection of Astragal and Georgian rails. Astragal bars, the most common choice, are set on both the inside and the outside of the window to portray the illusion of single panes of glass, separated by a duplex spacer bar in the sealed unit. Georgian bars however, are the most traditional for sliding sash windows. These bars are set between the panes to give an antique Georgian affect.


Who says you can stop there? Open up to more decorative features and personalise your windows to suit your home. Add horns to the outside sash to add a homely and customized look, or on the inside cill to add an extra platform for your perfectly framed view. All of our accessories are available in a variety of colours and are available upon request.

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