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Try Our Website Window and Door Configurator Today

At UK Trade Windows & Doors, we’re always trying to find new ways to help our customers make the right choices in a way the suits them. Whether you work in the trade or not, picking out the right doors and windows that look great is now a whole lot easier.

We’ve designed a window and door configurator for our website that narrows down the choices based on your actual needs. That means you don’t have to go searching through large lists of products before you get to the one you want and you get a clear idea of how everything is going to look once installed.

How does it work?

First of all, you can select the type of window you’d like. We’ve got a range of sash and standard uPVC designs in all shapes and sizes that you can configure to the exact measurements required. You can do this for each window you need and get a running total as you save them to your order list.

Next, if you need it you can choose from a wide range of doors. We break it down into composite doors, uPVC doors, French doors, patio doors, and bi-folding doors, so it’s easy to start at the right place. This takes you into the relevant section and you begin to select the exact product you want, choosing from our extensive range of styles. For instance, if you go into the composite door section you’ll find a whole list of half glazed, top glazed, centre glazed and solid doors that you can then configure to your requirements.

The Benefits of Using the Configurator

  • Whether you are putting in the windows and doors for a whole house or simply require a single window or door, the configurator allows you to pick and choose more intelligently.
  • You can configure the size and design to your exact needs and in the certainty that they’ll be a perfect fit.
  • You get a running total as you build your order and have a clear idea of the total cost which can help you keep within budget.
  • It’s easy to use! As long as you have all your measurements, it’s simply a question of sitting down, choosing your designs and filling in the panels.
  • The configurator allows you to go into detail. Once you’ve put in the measurements for your door, for example, you can then choose the type of glass you want, the colour, what type of door handle you want and a whole host of other extras.

The configurator is great for making sure that you get the door or windows you really want. It’s a brilliant time saving device for those in the trade because you can sit down with a client and work through the options without having to carry around bulky brochures. You also get a much better idea of what the finished job is going to look like. And if you’re a member of the public and you simply want to know how much a new door or window is going to cost and what options are available, it’s just as easy to use.

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