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How to Fix Gap Between Window and Frame

Seeing those gaps between window and frame is the most irritating part of the day. No matter how much clean you keep your house, lots of dirt and dust will appear the next second. But not to worry now; this article will help you guide through a solution to eliminating the gap between window and frame. Considering the UK window style and design, we have the best solution.

How to Fix Gap Between Window and Frame

There is no such big spending needed; you can get some basic materials, and you are good to go. Here are a few things that you need to have for fixing a gap between a window and frame:

1. Tape
2. Putty knife
3. Utility knife
4. Silicone caulk
5. Paint
6. Caulking gun
7. Masking tape

As you know, the cost of new windows in the UK can reach up to the sky. So here’s the step-by-step process of fixing a gap between the window sash and frame.

First-hand Cleaning

Before fixing the gap, you need to clean your window and frame nicely to ensure there is no flaking paint and chipping. Having a strong surface makes things better.

Inserting Backing Rod

Measure the space really well, and then if you have enough room, then insert a backing rod. This is one of the best seals possible.

Apply a Masking Tape

The masking tape protects the frame and window and keeps a good contraction force. So make sure you apply high-quality masking tape.

Preparing Caulk and Placing Cartridge

Simply place the cartridge into the gun and pull it out with a pressure rod. This way, squeeze on the trigger for some time. Now open the silicone caulking, and before that, make sure to compare the gap and work ahead.

Application of Sealant

Now place the tip at the end of the gap and gently squeeze it in an entire way with minimal pressure creating a good seal.

Keep it Clean

You need to run a spatula over the bead to ensure the removal of excess silicone and clean up the frame. This way, you prevent any excess dirt and particles.

Paint Your Frame

Before painting, you need to remove the masking tape and let the silicone dry. This might take a while, but just follow the instructions, and you are good to go. Once the silicone is completely dry, apply paint to the finished product to ensure it looks good.

See, it was this easy. Simply follow the steps, and you have the perfect window. Stay tuned for more helpful articles.

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