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How to Secure French Doors that Open Out

French doors are the best examples of grandeur and elegance. These doors allow ample light into any room since they contain glass doors; therefore, french doors are also widely seen as less safe than their opaque counterparts.

French doors are a great add-on to your home’s appearance, but they are not always the safest choice. Burglars also feel the same about the way you find these doors attractive and pleasing. Therefore, it becomes essential to secure your french doors.

Is it hard to secure french doors?

The french front or french doors for the balcony are not as secure as the other front doors due to their elegant design. Be it a single door or double french door, they are less robust and cannot withstand violent encounters because they are not locked into a solid and secure frame.

The double doors have extremely frail hinges, just like the glass part of the french doors. Burglars usually target the glass panel to break in as the panel in the middle of the double french doors is highly vulnerable and can be easily accessed.

And therefore, still, the question remains how to secure french doors that open out. You will get your answer ahead in this article.

How to secure french doors?

You can follow these steps to secure your french doors:

1. Go for the impact resistance glass

Always go for impact resistance glasses because they are hard to break through if you want to purchase french doors for your home. Such glasses can withstand tremendous external force without breaking, which is usually required in areas prone to hurricanes and for the safety from the burglars.

Do not confuse resistance glasses with tempered glasses; both are different.

2. Install security hinges

Security of hinges becomes crucial for your french doors to be fitted securely. Make sure to fit these security hinges with at least three inches long screws. In case your hinges are compromised, modify them or get new hinges. The hinges not correctly secured to the frame should not be kept and removed. But once the hinges are fitted, it becomes pretty tricky to remove them.

3. Install a door barricade

Door barricades are solid and durable and can withstand massive force. A door barricade of good quality will prevent forced break-ins and secure your french doors.

The french door must have a broader frame to mount the plate for the barricade. Usually, the barricades are suitable for inward opening doors; make sure you opt for the suitable barricade door model for your uPVC door.

4. Insert outswing door security

Security bars are famous for french doors; inserting an outswing door security bar for your french door is a great idea. There are various models available; make sure to choose the durable one that can withstand a massive force.

Like the door barricades, most security bars are designed for inward opening doors; make sure to opt for the right security bars suitable for outward opening french doors.

5. High-quality lock

A high-quality lock makes your french doors very secure. Some good examples include a deadbolt, mortise, and three-point or multi-point locks. Mortise locks are more robust than the deadbolt lock; the three-point or multi-point locking system is also effective for french doors’ security purposes.

Apart from these locks, the rest are not believed to be suitable for the security of french doors.

Bottom Line

Of course, the sliding french doors are graceful and elegant for your home. But when opting for the french doors, it becomes necessary to consider the safety majors, keeping your family safe from burglars, hurricanes, or other troubles.

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