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Can you Paint Composite Doors?

There are typically three types of doors found in the UK – Timber doors, uPVC doors, or composite doors. While uPVC doors are pretty contemporary in terms of look and easy to maintain as they do not require to be painted, timber doors can be painted.

But when it comes to painting the composite doors, it is a little complicated process. In this article, we are talking about composite doors in more detail, whether or not you can paint them.

Is it a bad idea to paint a composite door?

If you have a composite door and want to repaint it or change its color, you may have received a recommendation not to paint them. Often, composite door manufacturers would tell you to replace them with a new one instead of repainting.

Composite doors come with a finished color specifically designed to last longer. And the way they are manufactured indeed makes them difficult to be repainted. However, that does not mean that every homeowner can afford a new composite door when the color fades away.

If you do not like the color or want to change the appearance of your composite door, you can surely repaint them.

Painting a composite door

Composite doors are made of various materials, including wood, uPVC, and metal. All you have to do is select a suitable color and prepare the door. Using regular paint, which is used to paint wooden doors, will not be a good idea.

The best paint for composite doors would be oil-based enamels; they provide better coverage. You should apply two layers of paint to achieve a uniform look. If you are still unsure about which paint to use, take suggestions from your door manufacturer.

Prepare the door well before applying the color: Prime the metallic surfaces and bare wood area with oil-based paint to get a smooth and impeccable finish.

Let the first layer dry for 24 hours, and then apply the second layer.

Bottom line

Changing the color of your composite front door can genuinely bring a completely new ambiance to your home. You can yourself change the color of your composite doors or get professional help. It is best if you consider replacing your composite door with a new one only when the condition of the door is not so good.

For further information on composite door paint or uPVC doors, visit us here.


Can you paint plastic front doors?
Yes, the plastic front doors or uPVC doors can be painted if done correctly.

Can I paint uPVC windows?
Though painting uPVC windows is no simple task, you can paint uPVC windows.

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