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Can you Paint a uPVC Door?

It is true that the uPVC doors are manufactured to be low maintenance, resistant to all weathers, and also paint. However, no matter how resistant they are manufactured, the uPVC doors began to become discolored over the years.

The reason for discoloration could be continued exposure to direct sunlight for a long time or some other factors – but the point is the color fades away at some stage. Therefore, the answer to your question is you should paint a uPVC door if it needs to be repainted.

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How to paint a uPVC door yourself?

The key to a foolproof painting of a uPVC door is the choice of the paint. Applying the right paint to your door is essential to avoid paint failure. Here are some tips for you to follow while painting your uPVC door.

Prepare your door

First, clean the surface of your uPVC door thoroughly to avoid difficulties in the application of paint. Sand down the uPVC door using low-key sandpaper to create a rough surface to apply the paint.

NOTE: 1. Remove extra decoration (like door handle)
2. Apply masking tape to anything you do not want to paint.


Before applying the paint, it is best to use a primer to aid the surface’s adhesive capabilities to bond with the paint. Some paints do not need priming to bond well. However, it is the best way to enhance the longevity of the paint.

What paint to use on uPVC doors?

Once the primer has become dry, you can start painting your uPVC door. It leads us to the important question – What paint to use on uPVC doors?

Using old paint will not be a good idea. The best paint for uPVC doors will be Zinsser AllCoat Exterior – available in matt, gloss, & satin finishes. Painting a uPVC door with it is best as it provides 15-year performance in all weather conditions.

Moreover, It can be applied to almost every exterior surface and mixed in almost all colors. Overall, it is the best paint for the job.

Why should you paint uPVC doors?

Though the uPVC doors were not designed to be painted, there are methods to paint them. The painting process remains the same, no matter which uPVC door you have – white uPVC, brown uPVC, or any other color.

If you properly follow the tips we discussed above, you will be able to paint the door yourself. Furthermore, you can save up to 75% by painting your uPVC doors rather than replacing it with a new one.

A word from Trade Windows

Please note that low temperatures make it difficult for the paint to dry. Therefore, make sure the temperature is above 5°C. Zinsser usually takes one hour to become dry after the first coat has completely dried, then only apply the second coat and make sure it’s slightly thicker this time to achieve a smooth finish.

Avoid using a low-quality brush or roller; a high-quality brush will help you get the best possible finish and avoid any brush marks.

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