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Best Coloured UPVC Windows

UPVC is the most preferred material for windows in the UK because of its performance and versatility. uPVC can be built and shaped into a wide range of styles.

All homes have a unique architectural design style, and choosing windows that match your home aesthetics is the first step toward choosing the right windows for your home.

Therefore, we have included a wide range of coloured uPVC windows for you to consider for your home.

Most popular uPVC window colour

Here are some of the best uPVC window colour options for you!

Grey uPVC Windows

Compared to other neutral colours, Grey uPVC windows can provide a more modern touch to your home exteriors: you can choose a range of windows like Iron Grey, light Grey and Anthracite Grey.

Green uPVC windows

Various shades of Green uPVC are available; you can choose several colours from olive to pale green and every shade in between.

Green is an exciting colour and can make your home stand out.

White uPVC windows

It does not matter if you have a modern home or a traditional bungalow – White uPVC windows can match any home exterior.

White always remains an excellent choice for a simple and classic finish. It also remains affordable as the uPVC window frames are originally white.

Black uPVC windows

Black uPVC windows are one of the boldest neutral colours. They create a modern industrial aesthetic for your home’s exterior.

Cream uPVC windows

These windows create a soft look and are primarily suitable for timeless, more cottage-style homes.

Wooden effect uPVC windows

If you want all uPVC benefits and that aesthetic of timber windows, wooden effect uPVC windows are the perfect option.

Other popular UPVC colours

Primary colours such as red, green, and blue are always in demand. Green is a relatively popular colour for uPVC on homes, though it is mainly used to paint a garage door.

With pastel shades like Distant Blue, blue is the most exciting and popular among homeowners. Red is also an in-demand colour. However, it is again used to highlight features on the property.

Do coloured uPVC windows fade?

Usually, people prefer to have their new uPVC windows in a colour that matches their decor. There are numerous ways to ensure your windows do not fade and look good for years. For instance, spray-paint them to avoid them fading in sunlight.

Spray painting helps reduce the costs of replacing uPVC windows and Doors to add personality to your home.


Do uPVC windows come in different colours?
Ans.Yes, uPVC windows come in different colours, which can enhance the home style. Grey uPVC windows can add a minimalist feel to your home, while brown windows can add warmth.

Are coloured uPVC windows white on the inside?
Ans. All uPVC window colours are available on both sides or coloured externally and white inside.

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