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How to Change a Barrel Lock in a UPVC Door?

Though fixing a uPVC door lock mechanism is quite a task, one can replace and change it. In most cases, a locksmith is recommended if you need to replace a lock mechanism to avoid unnecessary damage to your door.

This article will mainly look at steps to remove and change a barrel lock on a uPVC door.

What is a barrel lock?

Various barrel locks are available in the market specifically designed for uPVC. It appears like a circular keyway and is used with a key to lock and unlock.

Once the barrel lock is installed, it can be removed only by removing the ball bearing on both sides of the lock. It is done only by taking off the door handle.

To change the barrel lock, you will require the following tools:
- Screwdriver
- Door barrel
- New door keys

Removing the lock from a uPVC door

Follow the steps below to remove the door handle so that you can access the uPVC barrel lock:

First, ensure that the door is propped open or secured safely so the procedure is completed without the door closing between the procedure.

Loosen the screws first that are holding the handle in place. There are two screws: one on the top of the door and one on the bottom door. The screws will be on the inside of the door for security reasons.

Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, unscrew the screws. Take the screws out and put them in a safe place. They will be required to put the handle back on the door.

Once you have removed the screws, the interior and the outer handle will slide together.

How to change the barrel lock on the uPVC door?

Once the door handles are out of the way, you can get access to replacing the lock barrel. Here are the steps to guide you in the procedure:

1. Locate the lock barrels screws

You will find the lock barrel screw under the door lock on the edge of the door. It is a screw with a different color from the rest.

2. Remove the screw

Use the same Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw you just located. It will allow you to remove the barrel lock’s inner and outer sides.

3. Insert the key into the barrel and twist

Take the key originally made for the lock and turn it to the right. It will unlock the barrel lock so that it is easily removed.

4. Pull the barrel out

Once the key is turned, the lock shall easily come out with a slight pool.

5. Insert the new keys into the new barrel

Take the new barrel and the new keys. Place the key in the barrel and turn to the right. Then slide the barrel back into the last hole.

6. Keep the barrel in place

When you place the barrel in the hole, hold both sides into place, lining it up with the screw.

7. Screw the barrel in its place

Take the Phillips screwdriver and fix the screw back into place.

8. Put the handle back in its proper location

Take the door handles and carefully put the spindle inside the socket for the handles. Once it is done, fix it through the hole where it goes.

9. Fit the handle in its place

Get the other side of the handle and follow the procedure in STEP 8 to secure it in the spindle hole.

10. Insert the screws

Once both sides of the door handle are in place, take the two screws you set aside in step 2 in the first half of the steps. Place both screws into their proper place, one at the top of the handle and the other at the bottom, and screw them tightly.

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